Olivia - Spiritual Surveys at Cal Poly Pomona! (with peers)

Earlier this week, my brother and I went onto the Cal Poly Pomona campus to do some spiritual surveys. It was the first week of the new winter quarter, so we were hoping to engage with students before things got too busy. And we were hoping to spread the word about A2F CPP amongst the students we met, if they seemed spiritually hungry and open to the additional information about a campus fellowship. My brother and I were prepared to go onto the campus on our own, but it turned out that a few of my peers (Mica, Carol, Marissa and Zhi) had already planned to meet that day and were in the area. They decided to change their preexisting schedule to join my brother and I on campus for spiritual surveys. He and I were both really encouraged by that, and I felt personally blessed to have friends that would give up their time and plans to help me, and to enrich this time of trying to declare God's name. We ended up splitting up into groups of two to cover more ground. My brother and I went together. In our conversations, we found that students on the campus were incredibly open to answer our spiritual survey questions. Almost every student we approached agreed to talk, and they had profound and earnest opinions about God. My brother and I were able to share the gospel with almost every person we engaged with, and for a few, we were also able to share about A2F CPP. All in all, it was a faith-strengthening day, and I believe God led us through each encounter we had. I'm thankful that He would send the people of God to encourage me and my brother to do these surveys, and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to see my own brother grow in evangelistic zeal, as well as find freedom from some things he's been burdened by recently in this effort we made to obey God's calling over our lives.

Jenny Park