Nick - Read "Too Busy Not To Pray" by Bill Hybels

I've known for a long time that prayerlessness is a big issue for me. I've tried to have regular prayer times before, but I always gave up after a few months at most. Last semester, I grew a lot in the discipline of coming to God in times of need and in the midst of busyness; but I still didn't have regular, solid times of communing with him.

I'd wanted to read Too Busy Not to Pray for a while, but I was always too busy. When I saw it on the Winter Challenge list, I realized that this would be a great opportunity to learn more about prayer and prepare myself to really grow in this area this coming semester. My life group happened to also do a daily-prayer challenge throughout winter break; I missed plenty of days, but overall it really helped me get used to coming to God every day. I would read a chapter or two of the book, and then do my daily prayer.

Not much that Bill Hybels writes was entirely new to me, but a lot of these basic truths about prayer are so easy to forget when I'm trying to get myself to actually do it. God is willing, and loves to hear from me; he's infinitely powerful, beyond everything that I or my loved ones are facing; and the most important way we join God's plan of restoring our broken world is by communing with him in prayer. The book paints a beautiful picture of daily prayer as a way to be refreshed, strengthened, and brought into close and constant communion with God (living out John 15:5); Hybels shares many stories from his life and his long experience in ministry, of the change that consistent, daily prayer brought to him and to people he knew. It's a journey with God that I'm excited to embark on!

Mike Park