Isabella - Spiritual conversation and shared testimony with friend

I met up with an old high school friend over some frozen yogurt this past week. The last I spoke to her was right after high school graduation (so it's been 3+ years!), but I made it a goal to reconnect with her after the spiritual conversation workshop Jenny Ho gave. We spent 3+ hours together-- catching up on life and talking about plans after college. She is a psychology major so we dove into talking about nature versus nurture and aspect of human nature. I got to share my testimony and asked about her religious background. I learned she grew up going to church but has become out of touch with it because of ╩║growing up╩║ and things operating smoothly without God in the picture. Christianity is something she is interested in learning more of but doesn't talk about it enough to ask any questions at the moment. She is continuing a Masters program in my home town and is open to meet up with me whenever I'm in town to talk more.

Jenny Park