Ben - Gospel conversation and testimony with a friend

I met up with an old highschool friend for dinner and we spent a lot of time talking and reflecting over how college has been and how we've changed. I had a chance to talk about Gracepoint, my own testimony, that Christianity is more than a nice church but a personal relationship with Jesus, and what I've experienced in my faith over the past four years. He was very curious about why I became so serious about my faith while I am young as opposed to later in life; it turns out he's been thinking a lot about this question as he's met other students at UCLA who are putting their faiths first. He grew up going to a Catholic church but stopped going near the end of highschool. He told me he has been wondering if he should have used college as a time to investigate God instead of pushing off the question until he's older. I encouraged him to use his last two quarters at UCLA to investigate Christianity and he might even look in to A2F at UCLA!

Mike Park