Alex - Spiritual conversations

I got my car serviced on 1/5 and the service department ordered me a Lyft back home. Throughout the ride, I was able to have a spiritual conversation with the driver in which we covered his spiritual background, his conversion from Hinduism to Mormonism, his thoughts about God, and his perspectives on church. I was able to also share with him the truth of how our God is a personal God with whom we can relate, and I encouraged him to find a time to worship God during the week, even if he couldn't make it on Sundays due to work.

On 1/5 one of my peers invited a high school friend to a peer trip we were having. We were able to have a spiritual conversation in which we discussed the different steps he has taken on his spiritual journey and different religions he had investigated. During the conversation, I asked him, "If you had one question for God, what would you ask?" He shared why he picked that question, and I was able to suggest a couple of ideas to get him started on his journey of answering that question. I suggested he consider the fact that God is personal and wants a love relationship with us, the need for free will to make that relationship legitimate, and that God did not intend for the world to be broken. Unfortunately our discussion was cut short because we arrived at the house we were staying at, but I think that it was a positive experience that made him feel more at home with our peers.

On 1/6, my peers and I went on a ski trip. Sometimes on the lift, you can have a long conversation. On one occasion, I met a guy on the lift, and it turns out that we have a connection of being in the Bay Area. He is from Dublin, CA, and I was able to have a spiritual conversation with him about his personal beliefs about God. Though he no longer goes to church, he believes in a higher power.

Mike Park