Ray - spiritual conversation with family

So I brought a Chinese bible for my family in China and my cousin (Hao Hao) pick up knowing that it is Chinese bible because he have heard about it before. However, he mentioned that the bible is about the story of bad guys and how to correct their behavior into good person. I was shocked how he got the wrong idea of what is the bible. So, I spend little bit of time to explain the gospel and the bible are composed from different testimonies about coming of Jesus, Son of God, and the death on the cross for our sins. I believed that my explanation clear up his misunderstanding of Christianity and I will following up with him with the book of John to experience the life of Jesus and the Good News for him that Jesus died and took our punishment on the cross. I am thankful for God respond to my prayers and this chance to have spiritual conversation, clear up the misunderstanding, and realized how much that my family need to hear the real gospel that they need God in their life. (P.S. My mom's side family in China used to be Buddhists and now they become more of atheist)

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