Johnny Y. - Spiritual conversations

with mom:

She started out asking me about why I have to be so involved in church, but it led to her asking different questions she had about Christianity in general - why so many different types of Christianity, whats the different between that and the Jehovah's Witnesses, what makes Christianity unique from other religions, why are there religious groups like ISIS, etc.

with a college friend:

He's someone who used to come to our church, and we got to talk about where he's at nowadays in terms of his faith. He isn't currently super open to receiving the gospel, but we got to talk about why he can't put his faith in Jesus, and I provided some thoughts on what the Christian perspective is.

with grandparents:

Grandparents are Jehovah's witnesses - they are getting older, so I asked them about who they think Jesus is. Unfortunately, the language barrier is strong when it comes to talking religion, because my vocab isn't too great. So I brought a Korean version of Mere Christianity and explained to them, 'I don't know how to explain the difference in my faith in Korean, so I wanted to give you a book that was really influential in developing my faith.' Hopefully they can read it..!

Mike Park