Zhitong - Read "Case for Christmas" by Lee Strobel

I enjoyed reading over some questions Lee Strobel posed and his investigation through several experts in the field, who gave clear answers to them. Several of his commentaries were really insightful and each points were drawn from real world examples of how we analyze truth. I was amazed by the specific detail of Strobel's question and equally amazed by the logical answers that also explained further details of Christ. One thing that struck me was how Strobel rephrased the theologians' explanation on the incarnation, saying "If the incarnation is true, it's not surprising that finite minds couldn't totally comprehend it." (Pg 66) A reminder that we are dealing with God of the infinite, who created this universe, and He chose to enter into the finite world to be with us. I like how this book is short enough to be an entry point for those who want some clear answers to the history of Christmas, and ending with a note of having the readers find out more personally for themselves the implication of Jesus Christ being born on Earth.