Zhitong - read Amy Carmichael's biography (Christian Heroes of Faith: Then and Now Series)

Amy's bravery, reliance on God, and attitude was encouraging to read about in her adventures to China, Japan, and India. I really admired how she was able to defy societal rules and not care about what others thought of her. At one point, she decided to go live in the slum, not because she had to but to preach and be alongside the people that she was reaching out to! Her endurance and willingness to go through such horror of bugs and filthy living style is incredible. Though her health deteriorated after that episode in her life, she continues to see the need of spreading the gospel in different countries and was willing to set out of a comfortable living condition. China's living condition was too harsh on her health, and soon she learned that even Japan was pretty bad as well. She decided to go to India where she served God for the remainder of her life. Learning about the difficulties of preaching in a country that would kill anyone who would become Christian was challenging and Amy faced many threat as a missionary trying to preach the good news to those who have the courage to listen.