Hannah - Shared Gospel and testimony in a presentation to extended family

I gave a presentation on ʺReflection on 4 years of collegeʺ at my extended family reunion. It included my testimony and the gospel, but because most of my family is Christian, most of it focused on how I ended up living Christian life and what that looks like for me, and how my vision for my life changed throughout college. I wanted to share about my view of church, purpose for my life.
People were engaged and attentive, which I really appreciate!


Stephen - Read "Reclaiming Friendship" and "Discovering God"

"Imagine yourself being ushered into a large party room with numerous booths and pavilions, each offering different activities or products...Thousands . of people are busily moving from one booth to another, engaging in various pursuits...One problem: When they usher you in, they tell you that you have a viral infection that will kill you in three hours, if not sooner. The same is true for everyone else at the party" Discovering God intro'd with this situation. It's a really apt picture of life and it is something that I would want to use in my conversations with people as I'm trying to talk to people about life and the thrills of the world. This book is a very short book that would be good to give to people seeking to investigate God and Christianity. The most interesting part is that it goes into OT prophecies and talks about how they are convincing evidence in the case for Christianity.

"It is significant that the great word hesed, used in the OT to describe God's convenant-keeping love for Israel, appears in Proverbs to describe friendship." It really challenged me to see that my friendships are not just about being there for each other when I can be, but it's the faithfulness that God has for Israel as he continued to pursue then and would not give up on them. It convicted me to not just give up on tough conversations and arguments and "let bygone's be bygone's " or to just let it go and move on, but rather to continue to try to work them out in hopes of growing in my relationships with my peers.

Olivia & Pinxiu - Gospel Spoken Word/Poem - "A Sheep's Testimony" (Video)

Pinxiu and I collaborated to write this Gospel spoken word! We read W. Phillip Keller's "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23" together over the break, and were both inspired by the vivid imagery of a diligent, loving shepherd caring for his flock; and how, for us, Jesus is that Good Shepherd. The poem is written from the perspective of a sheep that has gone astray and is now lost. Incorporating the human parallel, it is a testimony of someone who has gone their own way, turned from God's love and ownership over their life; but who is pursued and rescued by Jesus. May it be as enjoyable and as much a blessing to you as it was for both me and Pinxiu to write. (Also, I am speaking it, and you'll hear my brother jump in at a couple of different parts).

Isabella - Read "Case for Grace" by Lee Strobel

An awesome book! The collection of stories gave me a clearer picture of:

Romans 5:18-21 "Therefore, as one trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one act of righteousness[g] leads to justification and life for all men. For as by the one man's disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man's obedience the many will be made righteous. Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, grace also might reign through righteousness leading to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Despite the tragic events people experienced, it was amazing to read how they saw every event (the bad and good) needed to happen in order to bring them to the foot of the cross, where healing and redemption could be experienced.