Looking for a Church in berkeley?

Many of us at acts2fellowship attend Gracepoint Fellowship Church for Sunday Worship Service, along with our sister fellowships: Koinonia, Klesis, and MakeNew. Check us out!

Other churches in Berkeley include: First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, Livingwater Church, Evangel Bible Church of Berkeley

This week we're meeting at:

1:30pm @ Willard middle school

2425 Stuart St, Berkeley, CA 94705

Dorm pickups @ 12:30pm

Message sketchnotes

Missed one of our services? Here are some recap sketchnotes that our students created!

Sept 23 - Temptation of Jesus Pt. 1

Oct 14 - Sermon on the Mount

Nov 4 - Salt & Light

Sept 30 - Temptation of Jesus Pt. 2

Oct 21 - Psalm 98

Nov 18 - Remember & Recollect

Oct 7 - Follow Me

Oct 28 - Matt 8

Dec 2 - I Am With You Always