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The year is 2057 and the UC Berkeley campus is on the brink of a Zombie Apo-CAL-ypse.

200 remnants of the human population are at risk! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to contain the infection and find the cure! There is a cure on campus discovered by our very own Dr. Chang, but he hid it before he himself was lost to the infection (RIP Dr. Chang ). All he left us were a bunch of clues... but beware, some Berkeley Zombies have broken through the quarantine zone and are pretty dead-icated to find some fresh brains. Race against the clock to find the cure!

This is the area you can find the checkpoints. Please note that they will be in well-lit areas on Campus!

Zombie Apocalypse Rules (What to Expect!)

  1. You begin as a human! (Humans wear their glowsticks on their wrists)

  2. If you are tagged by a zombie from another team, you become a zombie! (Zombies wear their glowsticks on their neck)

  3. If someone in your small group is tagged, you all become zombies!

  4. Zombies cannot use words/phone to communicate until 30 minutes into the game

  5. Indoors are safe, but there are no checkpoints indoors (be mindful!)

  6. Humans must travel/walk/run in pairs and decipher the clues to discover the next checkpoint!

  7. There are three checkpoints in total. Whichever team has the most humans at the final checkpoint wins!!

  8. GAME is OVER at 10:00. Be at Sproul by 10:10 to announce Zombies winner as well as the raffle winner!

  9. Good luck! Be safe! Join us for churros and popsicles at Durant Loft afterwards (:

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Football Tailgate & BBQ