Berkeley's Top Cafés & Study Spots

We recently wrapped up our “Study Spot” series on Instagram, and it reminded me of the awesome selection of cafés both on and off campus. I began (seriously) drinking coffee during my first year in college, when some juniors and seniors took me to their favorite coffee shops. These places quickly became my go-to spots to procrastinate study with others, and now I love bringing both friends and family to these places, too! 

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a place in Berkeley to help fuel that study grind. Here are my top 5:

1. Philz Coffee (6310 College Ave)
Huge windows, outlets, best coffee you’ll ever have, and a 24/7 Safeway right next door in case you need additional study snacks! Pro tip: you can mix the blends at Philz. My personal favorite is the “Tesora Soul” (half Tesora, half Philtered Soul), sweet and creamy. If your family comes to visit, bring them here to try the classic Mint Mojito, then take a seat, reminisce on your semester so far, and reassure your parents that you’re working hard and definitely not using all of your allowance to buy Philz coffee ;)

2. Artís (1717 Fourth St)
The vanilla bean latte is dangerously addicting! Artís roasts their own beans in-house to make sure you’re getting coffee at its peak freshness, and has a great selection of freshly roasted beans to take home.

This is the place to be when you just want to get away from the craziness of Telegraph. When you’re ready for a study break, explore around 4th street with a friend.

Artís circa 2016

Artís circa 2016

Cafenated’s Patio Wonderland

Cafenated’s Patio Wonderland


3. Cafenated Coffee Co (2085 Vine St)
Cafenated is an awesome place to go when you find yourself on the northwest side of Berkeley. Fun fact: they source their coffee from 100% female-owned farms around the world.

When the sun comes out, grab a seat at their outdoor patio and enjoy the garden. I guarantee your pics here will be Insta-worthy.


4. V&A Café (2521 Hearst Avenue - Etcheverry Hall)
Reliable coffee, good food nearby, and quick access to Jacobs and Soda Hall for you CS folk. According to their website, the coffee here is from Italy!

Maybe it’ll be at V&A that you’ll come up with answers to that problem set you’ve been staring at for the last 24 hours...

5. Highwire Coffee Roasters (2049 San Pablo Ave)
Take the 51B halfway to Berkeley Marina and you’ll hit Highwire Coffee Roasters, a cozy café with seating that spills out into the street when the weather is nice. I come here on the weekends to read a good book. They have a cool mural with the moon painted across a blue background, which is truly #aesthetic. 

Well, there you go...hope you hit up some of these spots by the end of the school year! Let me know if you do, and share your favorite spots in the comments :)

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Johannah Perez recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Public Health and Social Welfare. She served for a year at our Chicago church and recently moved back to the Bay. She loves Oreos, watching the Warriors win, and cheesy jokes.

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