Summer is...

I remember summer fondly — biking with my friends through the Berkeley hills and zooming (or was it careening?) down the asphalt slopes after an arduous and sweaty uphill ride. Summer is staying up late playing board games on a carpeted apartment floor. Eating ice cream we found in the freezer that we don’t even remember buying — but it’s there so why not? It’s hot and lazy afternoons lounging around with your friends, talking about everything in the world and yet nothing in particular. It’s going on crazy adventures, driving out late on a Friday night and arriving at a cabin in the woods before a day of hiking, kayaking, and an evening filled with bonfires and food you probably shouldn’t be eating (here’s looking at you, hot links and toasted marshmallows).


And that’s a lot of what went on here at a2f this past summer: trips to Sierra Lodge, weekend outings, hanging out in our friends’ apartments. But that’s not all. There was also studying the Bible by reading through the Book of John, Sunday messages through the Sermon on the Mount, and a special Science and Faith talk given by Jordan Tsai (PhD, UCSF*). On top of that, we’ve been hard at work planning and prepping for the fall semester, meaning website upgrades, welcome week huddles, and prayer meetings. Every Tuesday this summer, we’ve been meeting at different locations around campus to pray together for ourselves, as well as for the new students coming to Cal. Because college can be a pretty difficult time — for many it’s the first time away from home (just a heads up to all the frosh reading this: no, you don’t have to ask your mom to go out with your friends at night**). You’re in a brand new place and it’s huge and there’s people everywhere. That, and the classes are tougher (sometimes by a lot).

And here at a2f, we don’t just do summers together — we do a whole lot more of life together as well. So here’s to summer and the lazy days and the beach bonfires, and here’s to the new fall semester, filled with project parties and late-night hangouts  “studying” (*ahem*). Here’s to the new friends we’ll be meeting and making, to (literally) running late to class and laughing about it over boba afterward and to those roommate conversations when you’re lying awake in bed and staring at the ceiling and pondering life. Here’s to doing summer…

...and college...

...and life...



* For those as nerdy about biochemistry as me, here’s what he worked on.

** The views of the author do not necessarily represent the views and stances of the publishing organization. Please use discretion and make good choices and respect your parents and don’t go all crazy.

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Josh de la Paz (class of 2019, Berkeley a2f) is a card-carrying biochem nerd, a professional software tester, and now, apparently, an amateur blog writer. In his free time, he likes cooking, singing while walking around the house, and taking long walks through nature.

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