The Power of A Summer

“Summer is the seasonal hinge on which our lives turn.” - Me

That’s not a real quote, but as I thought about the upcoming summer, that really is what came to mind. The stuff we do in summer, the opportunities we take, the places we go, the things we learn, tend to affect the at least next year a lot, if not many years. Take an internship. That one chance can end up as a your job or industry later in college. For me, the summer after freshman year was pivotal because for the first time I was living with a lot of friends that I would soon call brothers.

Freed from the constraints of homework, and sometimes even geography as we travel, we change, for better or for worse. We gain new habits, new ways of thinking, for better or for worse.

But I am looking forward to it for its positive potential. I’m sure we’ll get to play a lot of sports in the long summer days for one! For another, the rising seniors are getting trained up at our Vision 2019 Conference, and many of us in our fellowship are going to do summer challenges.

At the last bible study, Mike taught on Luke 4, and how Jesus responds to every temptation of the devil with God’s Word. If you want to see the awesome video he showed of the pastor exhorting us to “HIT HIM” (the devil) with God’s Word, here is a link. He ended by encouraging us to store it up in our hearts, starting with memorizing verses, and then meditating on them. That’s a huge opportunity this summer. Imagine coming back with even 50 verses stored up in your heart at the end of 14 weeks, ready to take on spiritual battle for yourself and for others!

I’m also excited to read more with the time. Books are the place where we learn to think new thoughts and better thoughts than our own, in a way webpages or classes can’t ever accomplish, and the summer has always given me that space for growth with a book. Below is a short but strong list of my favorites if you needed a place to start. I included a range of fiction and non-fiction, Christian and not, for diversity.

Non-Fiction, Worldview/Apologetics:

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

- A classic and must read for any spiritual seeker and Christian. My first Christian book ever.

On Guard by William Lane Craig

- A thorough and practical intro to apologetics, but much easier to read and more entertaining than Reasonable Faith.

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

- Fascinating history of technology and its effects on the human brain, and the modern issues when it comes to the internet.


A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

- For a classic, shorter and more exciting than you would think. Powerful portraits of humanity, both the good and the bad.

Ender’s Game & Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card

- A story about kids in space, but very mature in it’s themes of empathy and self-understanding. Good sci-fi too.

White Fang by Jack London

- Set in the Klondike Gold Rush, fascinating landscape. Cross between literary naturalism and bildungsroman and concludes with a powerful portrait of real love.

Happy growing and happy summer!

Tell us in the comments: what’s one book not listed above you would recommend?