Hebrews, We-brews - Common Coffee @ a2f SWS


I’m really excited to see how this coffee bar will grow and continue create a greater sense of community at Sunday Services


Hey guys welcome to this entry of the a2f blog. So something really exciting happened this past Sunday: we opened up Common Coffee. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a coffee bar that we are going to have every week at Sunday Service. We are selling high quality pour over coffee made by the best baristas in Berkeley (Joe, Rick, & I).

I personally had never really made pour over coffee before, but I somehow still became a barista. It was definitely exciting when we got out first customer and got the reassurance that the coffee we were making wasn’t bad, it was actually pretty good. We even had a special “Rick Roast” blend that cost an extra dollar because of the rare/expensive coffee beans that were used. Some of the staff also made pastries that we sold and all of the profits from this coffee bar are going to go towards funding mission/vision trips!


I would say that the coffee bar definitely elevates the overall ambiance and welcoming vibe of DL. Since the space is already very homey we had to come up with an idea to take the community building to the next level, and a cafe is the perfect answer. I’m really excited to see how this coffee bar will grow and continue create a greater sense of community at Sunday Services. Hopefully we’ll be able to expand and train more people to become baristas because even though it might seem complicated, it is mostly just pouring water and trying to make it look cool. I remember my freshman year, me and a junior talked about how cool it would be if DL had a little cafe in it, and now it’s actually a reality! Crazy how life works like that.


I’ve personally made a lot of my favorite memories with people at cafes in Berkeley because there is something about talking over coffee that just breaks down barriers. I’m looking forward to having that time before and after service where we can all just hang out and talk and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee (or tea I guess). I’m honored to be one of the first baristas for Common Coffee and to have the opportunity to serve in this way! Also fun fact if it’s your first time coming to a service with us you get a free coffee or pastry! I look forward to serving all of you coffee this semester and having great times of fellowship every Sunday!

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